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The maintenance book

Agence Tara Immobilier Chamonix et le carnet d'entretien

Since March, 2014, during the signature of a provisional sales agreement of an apartment (or lot) in co-ownership, numerous documents must be handed to you in particular the maintenance book.


The maintenance book contains, at least the following information:

- Address of the building

- Name and contact detail of the management agent

Insurances of the building, with their numbers of contract and their maturity dates ers of contract and their maturity dates.

The important works realized within the co-ownership

The works made in the co-ownership are detailed in this document. So, the book mentions execution dates, mobilized companies and insurances damage-work possibly signed.

When a multiannual program of works is decided by the co-owners, in general assembly, the maintenance book explains the corresponding schedule.

Contracts of maintenance

Contracts of maintenance are indicated on the book. The latter contains their maturity date and the contact detail of the service providers. The mentioned contracts can concern elevators, boiler, door of parking lot, fire extinguishers